Colton Gibbins - 21

I always heard the stories of Alaska, from salmon fishing to diving into the truck to escape a hungry grizzly. And it was not until I was 12 that I got to go along for the ride. I had been fly fishing for years by that time, my brother and I would sleep in the tree fort we built and leave early in the morning and not return until dark chasing rainbow trout. But, the salmon was an entirely different fish! On our 45 hour drive up to Alaska, I was so excited that I slept a total of 5 hours there was so much to take in and only so much time to do it in. When we arrived, I fished from early in the morning until late at night landing several 20lb+ Kings. I gave it my all. And 7 years later I would give it all again, but this time it was for a much larger trophy, a Barren Ground Caribou. 


It was a scene, one that I would imagine was similar to what the settlers of the wild west saw, with Bison, Antelope and Elk roaming everywhere.  Yes this was something else, thousands of Caribou grazing and migrating across the vast tundra, and nothing but hundreds of miles of muddy dirt road to the North and the South.  It was as close to traveling back in time as you can get, and the realization that I was alive in this moment seeing all of this creation around me was no-less than humbling.  The next day all 3 of us, my dad, brother and myself tagged out on great bulls.  The sky was blue, air crisp and spirits elevated.  The camaraderie, and exhilarating rush of taking my first Alaskan animal at over 700 yards was the nail in the coffin, my drug of choice became the Limitless Outdoors.


Hunting became my addiction, and there was no limit to how far I could take it. Needless to say, the outdoors have always been a part of my life and always will be. Trophy or not, the opportunity and ability to be out in the mountains is a blessing all in its own. These days it seems that I do more videography then hunting, but it is about the experience and I know that this is just the beginning. All I can hope for is to be able to bring the Limitless Outdoors to your living room and possibly fuel your and your families dreams of adventures around the world.

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